Science Journals Connector


The primary purpose of the Science Journals Connector is to provide Science Accelerator users, including the public, with enhanced access to scientific research results published in scientific journals, with special emphasis on journal resources supported and/or sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and its predecessors.

With emphasis placed on the wealth of DOE-funded research available in the technical journal literature, this portal provides enhanced access to information on thousands of DOE-funded research articles. This research reflects the significant contributions which DOE has made and continues to make in a range of disciplines, including physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental sciences, renewable energy and energy technologies, engineering, climatology, and other topics related to DOE's mission and its promotion of scientific and technological innovation. 

The Science Journals Connector is designed to provide access to scientific research results published in scientific journals, utilizing publicly available resources on the web. Users search via a cross-publisher search capability to obtain citation information or to access the growing number of open access articles. Access to articles requiring subscriptions are available under the terms of the individual publishers’ sites.

As with other resources available through Science Accelerator, users may search this resource by utilizing the Basic Search option and/or alone or in combination with other resources by utilizing the Advanced Search.

The Science Journals Connector is an important addition to the current collections made available through the Science Accelerator portal, which contributes to science discovery and technology development by providing access to high-quality scientific and technical information (STI). 


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